All kinds of curses

There are so many different types of cancer. It drives me insane just to think about how many there are and that we still have not found a permanent cure. Below I have placed a list of most of the different cancers. ( They are linked with MSKCC, so feel free to click and learn more about them). The sad thing about these cancers from what I have learned from my father’s ongoing experience is that cancers such as my father’s (Renal/Kidney Cancer) is diagnosed late because just like other cancers, shows no symptoms until it has grown. My father in 2005 had a tumor on his whole kidney which did not erupt (luckily). They had to remove his whole right kidney in order for the tumor to stay contained. During that surgery, (I assume), a little tiny microscopic cancer cell got loose and in these past 10 years that cell has been growing and growing until it attached to his right lung and became a tumor. 10 YEARS! 10 YEARS had to go by until my dad started noticing symptoms. He also visited the doctors very frequently in these past 10 years (the hospital too)  and no doctor ever  noticed any cancer like difference. We need to help and be a part of this journey. Please help me and click on my donation page to Memorial Sloan Kettering Center. We not only need to find a cure but also a quicker way of detecting all different cancers in the human body. THANK YOU.


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