RIP Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister

Lemmy was the frontman in the band Motorhead. I grew up loving all old music and rock & roll. My dad always told me “There is nothing like this music and nobody like these rock & roll guys, they are just the best their is and the best there will ever be in this world”. I have so much respect for those musicians considering the talent it takes to make the music they do. Sadly, one of the best passed away yesterday due to cancer. He found out about his cancer just 2 days before he passed! How did they not detect it sooner? It is such a sad day to hear a musician as great as Lemmy passed away. They still have yet to say what kind of cancer it was but they have said that it was a very aggressive kind. Imagine 2 days ago you find out you have cancer and 2 days later…thats it?. My condolences go out to Lemmy’s family and friends. We must must must find a cure!!!

Lemmy & Gene Simmons



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