A Book on Cancer

Hi everyone. I hope your new year has been filled with joy, happiness, and love. I wanted to share a great book I have started reading this new year that I think you would all love. It is called ” Never Fear Cancer Again” by Raymond Francis, M.Sc and foreword by Harvey Diamond. This book tells way on how to prevent and reverse cancer. The author Raymond Francis was a cancer patient himself. He had the same cancer that my father has (stage 4 kidney cancer). Doctors’ gave Francis only weeks to live and he proved everyone wrong by doing things that he stated in his book. He states a quote that is a motivating start to taking control of your life again and letting the cancer loose its battle. He compares cancer to driving your car; “driving your cancer”. He states ” Take your foot off the accelerator, apply the break, turn the ignition switch off, and your car stops. In much the same way, you can stop cancer”.  And I believe this to be 100% true. I tell my dad all the time that your in control of your body. Sometimes we get weak because its the easier thing to do, but we all have to stop letting this win and stand up to it. I know it is easier said than done but its our lives at risk. I will keep posting more information I learn from this book but please pick up a copy at any nearest book store or pharmacy. ( I picked up my copy at Rite Aid).

**** Please help in the fight against cancer and donate to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The link is in my side bar ” Donate MSKC” which will take you directly to Sloan’s website. Thank you all so much and please remember this is not a go fund me page or donations just for my father. This is for all the people who are suffering from cancer. All proceeds go to MSKCC. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP ON THIS JOURNEY. – love always Angela ( a daughter who refuses to let cancer win)


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