Rest in Paradise Angela 

It is so so sad to announce that Angela ” Big Ang” Raiola passed away early this morning surrounded by her family at the hospital due to her battle with stage 4 lung cancer. Many of you may know Big Ang personally or from the vh1 tv show Mob Wives. Regardless of how you knew Big Ang, her family, friends, and fans knew that she was one of a kind. Let’s please take a moment to stay in silence to pay our respects to Ang and think of a great happy moment you have of her. After all she was One of the sweetest human beings on this planet. A true angel. Loyal and cared strongly for everyone she knew. She was a beautiful person. It is so sad this happened. Rest in the sweetest of peace Ang. Life is unfair but now you are in paradise. My heart breaks for her family. And so with this, to all of the cancer organizations out there and all the hospitals and all of the scientists working on medicines. Enough is enough!! FIND A CURE. Innocent people are dying from this curse because “there is no cure”. It is 2016! There is a cure. Stop killing and start saving! I pray for everyone who is going through this. My condolences to Angela’s family


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