This word had such an impact on my life and I’m sure on many of your  lives as well. In the beginning ( 1 year and 5 months ago) all i heard were the words’ CANCER, LIFE, DEATH, and then, VOTRIENTYou will understand later why I crossed out that word. Most of you understand how frustrating it can be when someone you can’t possibly go on in this life without gets cancer. It is so scary. In my situation, which may be similar or different from yours’, I was so ANGRY. Words cannot begin to describe the fear I felt.

My best friend, the brother I never had, my teacher & most of all my father was sick. A man who has never done drugs, smoked cigarettes, or drank anything his whole life other than maybe the ocassional glass of wine during a Sunday dinner. Of course it is not fair for anyone to get cancer whether they did smoke/drink or whether they didnt. ( I am a former smoker myself). My point to my situation here is that as a daughter I was furious. I was angry with life, God, myself, the doctors, just the whole world. In my eyes my father is the sweetest, yet toughest man I know and I am sure to many of you that is what you’re loved ones who have been diagnosed are to you. 

(((((REMINDER: For anyone reading my blog who is taking offense to anything I write…please understand that I am telling my story hoping that it will help others. Thanks! ))))))

Of course I started doing what anyone would do… you know? I just…FREAKED OUT!

I must of called a million places, people, researched a hundred websites, called my uncle for answers to see if he knew what can be done. I just tried finding a way to cure my dad myself until I finally gathered my senses and said BREATHE.  

His doctor said VOTRIENT ( PAZOPANIB). 

((((REMINDER: In this blog I will be writing definitions of the medication from MSKC website and also my own definition of the medication and side affects based on my father’s experience))))).


My father took three Votrient pills daily for the previous year up until March 2016. It did put the cancer to sleep. The best way I can describe this is let’s say you’re cancer is an ice cube that can melt. This Votrient medication froze the “ice cube” so it did not move or spread. Awesome right? Not to me. I never felt too confident with that medication because of it’s side affects.  My father ( who had jet black hair and body hair) experienced,

  • High blood pressure
  • Weakness
  • All of his hair and body hair turned white ( even his eyebrows and eyelashes). You wouldn’t even be able to tell if he had any.
  • He looked older, pale, very fragile
  • And the worst side affect of all..Votrient tends to stop working after ONE YEAR of taking it.

My father who looked like he was 30 ( to me I like to compare him to Rocky Balboa) turned pale white like a ghost for a year. I saw him change right before my eyes. He looked so different. My tough strong father was  going down into a spiral and their was/is nothing I could do to stop it. He began to take 3 blood pressure pills daily to make sure his pressure didn’t go so high to the point of a cardiac arrest. He began to loose confidence in himself as a single man when he would go out and pass by an attractive woman. That amazing man, my father was still there but at the same time, he wasn’t.  Yet, how could I complain? This medication was keeping his cancer from spreading or having the tumor grow. Problem was I wanted the cancer GONE!.

One year went by, March came.. Votrient STOPPED working. My father’s petscan showed spreading in the right leg. My HEART stopped. Everything froze. It felt as if my father, my aunt and I were in  a bad dream with the doctor. BUT.. you know the saying ” There is always a light at the end of the tunnel”. That light at the end of the tunnel was..  


If any of you have any questions about votrient or anything I have written please don’t hesitate to ask. I will share as much as I know to help you or a loved one you care for. It breaks my heart to see our loved ones change because of this disgusting disease. Please feel free to reach me at any location on my sidebar.



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