After…they admitted my father I had no idea what to think, what to do, I just waited.

Waiting is the hardest part but of course no one ever prepares you for it. The waiting for the doctors’ to arrive. The long nervous walk from the hospital parking lot to his room. The cold walls you walk passed. The crying in one room and the laughter in another. The prayer room you go into to try and find answers. The awkward elevator rides with strangers. And last but not least..seeing you’re loved one in that hospital bed instead of in their own home and having you’re heart break into a million pieces but staying strong so you don’t allow you’re loved one to be sad.

The first two days of my father’s stay was tough. He was breathing only through his oxygen. Conscious, yet not there;in a sense. Mind you my father had also started the beginning of his 10 day radiation treatment a couple of days earlier but I will get to the radiation part of the story in my next post. We waited patiently for the oncology department to arrive so we can finally receive some answers and they did.

Turned out my father was one of the very very few that this happened to. A side affect from the Opdivo. Imagine that. The only drug that can keep him alive is the one thing that is causing his blood to drop. Our hearts sank. My aunt was trying to find a way with my uncle that maybe my father could still continue his immunotherapy treatment. The doctors of course recommended some other pills that would basically give my dad 6 months left. THAT WAS NOT AN OPTION.

We contacted MSKC and they gave us the go to try something that has never been done before with immunotherapy. My father would be given a shot once a week called “Procrit”.



In my own definition, procrit makes my father’s blood rise up while opdivo drops it down. Together they will maintain his blood level so he can continue taking opdivo. Mind you, this procedure has not been approved yet but ladies and gentlemen I can surely speak for my father when I say that as of now he has went from 3 immunotherapy treatments to 5. My father is ready to go for number 6 treatment of immunotherapy and his blood is now at a 10! (F.Y.I.some of you are probably wondering but won’t his blood go too high? Well every week before they give him the shot they check his CBC and if his blood reaches 10.5 or higher he will not receive a shot that week and they check it again the following week). ITS WORKING!. My father returned home after being admitted for a week. He is not in need of any oxygen and is getting healthier as the days progress, except.. for a couple of other things which I will write tomorrow. If I write it all now then their will be too much to read lol. But.. my father is a fighter! He is just like all of you!

It is so hard and I see that everyday in what my father goes through, yet it shows me that all of you that have been cursed with this disease are fighters and you will conquer it all. You will get through this!.

My father truly believed that that day he was going to die. Instead he is back to his routine fighting everyday. He is home stronger with beautiful black eyelashes and eyebrows again. It warms my heart but at the same time the battle is not over with this curse. I wish you all the best and my prayers, faith, and hope are with you all!.

Please return back tomorrow to hear about the miracle that happened during my father’s stay at the hospital. I believe it had to do with how lucky he was. Love you all! Prayers to all of you. WE WILL NOT LET CANCER WIN!.



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