When my father was at the hospital that day before my aunt and I had left to prepare for his arrival to come home I believe in my heart that a miracle happened. Not exactly a miracle but maybe even a sign or some sort of hope. If you have read my previous blogs you might remember when I said that my uncle had called us telling us that my father was walking and breathing fine. Good as new. I didn’t mention to tell you all what happened earlier that day.

An elderly woman had come in offering my father to take his communion. She had no sign that she was from the hospital at all. My father at first said no since he hasn’t been to the House of God in years but then he took it. She said a prayer over my father as he received his communion and my father made the sign of the cross. No one had any idea or remembrance as to who this woman was. She leaves. My aunt and I leave. My father is up on his feet going about his day.

Coincidence? Miracle? I say its a little bit of HOPE. 

Saint Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer because his cancer in his leg was miraculously cured. Below is his prayer. Bless all of you!






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