No one tells you how draining cancer can be on your life or the life of a loved one with cancer. Forgive me for not writing but its been quite a journey. And a rough road at that. To make a long story short we are now at NYU. They seem to be the best. I have removed all donating links to MSKC considering they did not do anything to help. I am tired for all the souls driving down this road. No one can possibly understand the burden you are all going through. I see it in my father. My heart burns with sadness and my mind wants to explode with anger. You are all such beautiful people and to the ones who have passed please know they are angels up above whom God had a wonderful plan for.  It is ok to cry and it is ok to be sad but never forget that this life does not end here. It continues and goes on unfortunately, we have to wait to be with our loved ones but I can reassure you that we all do meet again. I truly feel for all of you dealing with this disease. I understand your pain and we will fight this soon. We must stick together and win. I believe in finding the cure and I believe we can beat this!.


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