Here to stay.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far. I apologize for taking a very long break on my blog. As most of you who view this blog surely understand that having cancer or knowing someone who has cancer also takes up a lot of someones’ time and so I hope you can understand. A part of me was unsure if I should keep writing until I recently viewed a message on my Facebook by someone who is a survivor and enjoyed my blog. That person has motivated me to keep going and so I am here to stay to hopefully motivate all of you to move forward with every day knowledge that I learn from my father’s ongoing experience and my research.

For My Father & EVERY Cancer Fighter & Survivor



Rest in Paradise Angela 

It is so so sad to announce that Angela ” Big Ang” Raiola passed away early this morning surrounded by her family at the hospital due to her battle with stage 4 lung cancer. Many of you may know Big Ang personally or from the vh1 tv show Mob Wives. Regardless of how you knew Big Ang, her family, friends, and fans knew that she was one of a kind. Let’s please take a moment to stay in silence to pay our respects to Ang and think of a great happy moment you have of her. After all she was One of the sweetest human beings on this planet. A true angel. Loyal and cared strongly for everyone she knew. She was a beautiful person. It is so sad this happened. Rest in the sweetest of peace Ang. Life is unfair but now you are in paradise. My heart breaks for her family. And so with this, to all of the cancer organizations out there and all the hospitals and all of the scientists working on medicines. Enough is enough!! FIND A CURE. Innocent people are dying from this curse because “there is no cure”. It is 2016! There is a cure. Stop killing and start saving! I pray for everyone who is going through this. My condolences to Angela’s family

Vice President Biden is a Hero! 

First, I would like to pay my respects to the families of two great men who passed today due to cancer. Rest in Peace Alan Rickman and Rene Angelil. You are angels above and your names shall be forever remembered. My condolences to your families at this difficult time. Everyday more and more people keep dying from this curse and it is UNACCEPTABLE, but today I have hope and it is because of what I am about to tell you. 

I am sure all of you have heard that Vice President Biden is making a huge effort to find the cure for cancer. Staff from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center went to visit the White House to sit with Vice President Biden to rejoice and support him during this wonderful journey ahead. I must say it is such a joy to hear this sort of news. It’s not everyday you hear people say that a cure will be found and especially coming from one of this countries leaders. Just WONDERFUL. A true hero. Thank you Vice President Biden. You are a true inspiration to all of us who have cancer or have loved ones with cancer. I know your son is looking over your shoulder as a beautiful angel thanking you for all of the good you are doing to save lives. Thank you! We all must join him and donate to cancer research ! Together we can make this happen! Please everyone click on my sidebar where you will see a link to MSKC and donate anything your heart desires to MSKCC. Thank you! Please feel free to click on the link I have posted below which The New York Times has posted about Vice President Biden.

A Book on Cancer

Hi everyone. I hope your new year has been filled with joy, happiness, and love. I wanted to share a great book I have started reading this new year that I think you would all love. It is called ” Never Fear Cancer Again” by Raymond Francis, M.Sc and foreword by Harvey Diamond. This book tells way on how to prevent and reverse cancer. The author Raymond Francis was a cancer patient himself. He had the same cancer that my father has (stage 4 kidney cancer). Doctors’ gave Francis only weeks to live and he proved everyone wrong by doing things that he stated in his book. He states a quote that is a motivating start to taking control of your life again and letting the cancer loose its battle. He compares cancer to driving your car; “driving your cancer”. He states ” Take your foot off the accelerator, apply the break, turn the ignition switch off, and your car stops. In much the same way, you can stop cancer”.  And I believe this to be 100% true. I tell my dad all the time that your in control of your body. Sometimes we get weak because its the easier thing to do, but we all have to stop letting this win and stand up to it. I know it is easier said than done but its our lives at risk. I will keep posting more information I learn from this book but please pick up a copy at any nearest book store or pharmacy. ( I picked up my copy at Rite Aid).

**** Please help in the fight against cancer and donate to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The link is in my side bar ” Donate MSKC” which will take you directly to Sloan’s website. Thank you all so much and please remember this is not a go fund me page or donations just for my father. This is for all the people who are suffering from cancer. All proceeds go to MSKCC. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP ON THIS JOURNEY. – love always Angela ( a daughter who refuses to let cancer win)

Hope for the New Year

Hi everyone! If i don’t get to post tomorrow I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Of course my wish for New Year is for the cure for cancer. I truly hope that is what lies ahead. I also hope my father’s cancer goes away. It is such a sad thing to have going on for anyone you know. All we can do is hope and have faith. I am a true believer in that. I was reading an article my uncle had sent to me from the Washington Post that made me a little happier. I have posted the link below. It truly is a miracle story. This man was on the verge of death with the same type of cancer my dad has and he survived and is cancer free!. I hope all of you battling with cancer know that you are not alone and I along with many other people are thinking and praying for you today!. You are strong and you will make it. Please click on my link below and listen to this man’s story for inspiration. Together we will find the cure for cancer. I also want to thank Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Staten Island University Hospital for all of their hard work this year they have done so far. You have been a blessing to all of your patients including my dad. Thank you!.

Washington Post Cancer Story

RIP Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister

Lemmy was the frontman in the band Motorhead. I grew up loving all old music and rock & roll. My dad always told me “There is nothing like this music and nobody like these rock & roll guys, they are just the best their is and the best there will ever be in this world”. I have so much respect for those musicians considering the talent it takes to make the music they do. Sadly, one of the best passed away yesterday due to cancer. He found out about his cancer just 2 days before he passed! How did they not detect it sooner? It is such a sad day to hear a musician as great as Lemmy passed away. They still have yet to say what kind of cancer it was but they have said that it was a very aggressive kind. Imagine 2 days ago you find out you have cancer and 2 days later…thats it?. My condolences go out to Lemmy’s family and friends. We must must must find a cure!!!

Lemmy & Gene Simmons